Titel: Everest C3

  • Inline console with separate monitor and channel path (100 mm Penny & Giles motor fader in channel path, 60 mm Penny & Giles fader in monitor path) completely in tube technologywithout use of any semiconductors in the audio paths 
  • An intelligent safety system monitors all functions, current supplies and temperatures withinthe console and the power packs. Subranges are switched off in the event of an error, e.g. a clogged filter. In this case only individual channels are switched off, and the console itself is still fully operational. 
  • Channel width 40 mm 
  • 32 balanced routing, completely in tube technology 
  • 8 aux send - pre/post, on/off switchable, completely in tube technology  
  • Fivefold full parametric equalizer with high pass filter each channel, "Real bandwidth adjustment", boost/attenuate 20dB, completely in tube technology  
  • Dynamic section each channel with compressor/limiter and noisegate/expander, completely in tube technology  
  • 48 pieces TAB V76/80 microphonepreamp, "The legend lives"  
  • D.I. box switchable on each channel  
  • Microprocessor control (programmable on customer request) for all logic functions (status, solo functions, etc.) 
  • Motor fader automation (on request/different types) 
  • 3 stereo audio subgroups (A,B,C) with fivefold full parametric stereo equalizer and high pass filter, "Real bandwidth adjustment", boost/attenuate 20dB, completely in tube technology  
  • Main Bus (MIX) with fivefold full parametric stereo equalizer and high pass filter, "Real bandwidth adjustment", completely in tube technology  
  • Integrated 10,4" TFT Display in center-section to control computer automation or different sources (video, analyzer, internet etc.)

And more technical details:

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